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Our Two Services: Retirement Coaching and Retirement Courses

What We Do: We Provide Two Services:

1. Retirement Coaching: We provide Retirement Coaching to individuals and also couples. We work on any area our clients desire. But usually, we focus on a Retirement Self-Assessment Framework, Lifestyle Issues, Values and Drivers, Identity, Purpose and Meaning, Relationships, Activities, Encore Careers, Health And Wellness, Finances, and helping our clients create a Customized Roadmap for themselves. We also provide many frameworks and tools to use. 

2. Retirement Course: We also provide a Retirement Course entitled Retirement and Your Next Stage of Life.  We provide this course for Universities, Nonprofit organizations, and Corporations This integrative course meets two hours a week over five weeks. We cover similar items as discussed above in our coaching description. Included are presentations, guest speakers, experts, panels, and interactive learning. For the last five years, we've provided this Retirement Course to Stanford University and their interested staff. We've also provided the course for Avenidas,  a well-respected Senior Center in Palo Alto, California, and also at Palo Alto Mitchell Park Library, part of the Palo Alto Library System in California. 

Main Retirement Areas Discussed

For both our Retirement Coaching and our Retirement Course, we provide services around the important five Retirement areas below. We customize them for both the individuals and couples we are providing coaching services to, and also in the creation of our Retirement Course for organizations. Below are the five important Retirement areas:

1. Lifestyle

Your personalized Retirement Self-Assessment Framework, the longevity gift, your new life stage, finding purpose and meaning, managing the huge amount of free time, trying your new dreams, overcoming fears, leaving your work identity, relationships, leisure activities, avoiding loneliness, and types of encore work.

2. Encore Work and Activities

What is an Encore Career, suggestions of opportunities for you, networking help from others, uncertainty, resources to use, encore entrepreneurship, and enjoyable encore activities to pursue.

3. Health and Wellness

What to expect as we age, and how to optimize our nutrition, exercise, cardio, and weight training, cognitive fitness, health care, and nontraditional methods.

4. Finances

Tools to help ensure you don’t outlive your money, your life goals, your critical financial plan, investing and risks, taxes, healthcare planning, legacy and estate planning.

5. Your Customized Roadmap

Building your go-forward, Customize Roadmap, including your definition of success and happiness in your next stage, the retirement areas you feel you need to improve upon with key action plans, and the retirement areas you are strong in to leverage and help you in this next stage. 


For pricing and packages for our Retirement Coaching and Retirement Course, please send us an email or call us using the Contact Us page. 

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